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Lugger 'Ripple' - 2006

1200 x 3600mm

Lugger 'Ripple'

Two years ago the painstaking rebuild of the Lugger Ripple was begun by a local shipright who told me when he would be taking the hull apart, enabling me to draw it extensively.

Almost every day since then John Lambourn has been working, well-nigh single-handedly on its reconstruction; now this vessel, good as new, is being made ready for her relaunch.

Although little use to a naval architect, my aim with this trio of charcoal drawings is to express my appreciation of this ship's fine beauty and the magnanimity of his determined enterprise.

The realisation of any exhaustive piece of art, or craft work such as this, demand a degree of irrationality that may be madness before it can be comprehended and its true reason known.