Jeremy Le Grice - Artists

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Historic Work

A retrospective is usually  fascinating and sometimes truly exciting. This is so when it is posssible to see an artist's work in depth and perceive the consistency which has sustained its development. These paintings declare their identity surprisingly and with clarity.

Throughout the ten years I have known Jeremy's work I have been struck by its intensity and energy, the innate sense it displays of progression and the use he makes of silhouette within his own space.

Jeremy Le Grice has always been his own man. He is the artist and painter he professes himself to be, with maturity absorbed positively. Year after year he returns to the themes he has seen and felt most strongly about living in Cornwall, his work is thus as Cornish as can be. He has always used his yea idiosyncratically , and made paintings beautifully.

William Packer

Art critic - Financial Times